Step-by-Step Directions:

1.  Sign Up Online to receive a Free ShipMe account.

2. Check your email for a ShipMe Activation email (check your junk mail folder).

3. Activate your ShipMe account by clicking the “Activate Account” link.

4. Login to your ShipMe account and note your ShipMe US Address.

5.  Shop your favorite online stores or give family and friends your ShipMe US Address.

6.  Use the provided ShipMe US Address as your shipping address when making your online purchases.

7. Have your family and friends send packages and mail to your ShipMe US Address.

8.  Login to your ShipMe account and Pre-Alert your packages to fast track package processing.

8.  Your purchases will be delivered to and received at ShipMe’s US Address.

9. Packages received for you at ShipMe’s US Address will be entered into our tracking system and prepared for export to your home country.

10.  You packages will be forwarded to your home country on the next available flight. 

11.  On arrival in your home country, ShipMe will present your packages to Customs for clearance.

12. A ShipMe agent will contact you if an invoice is required to clear your packages through Customs.

13. ShipMe in most cases will clear your packages through Customs for you. 

14.  ShipMe will notify you when your packages are available for pickup.

15. Pick up your packages from your local ShipMe office or contact your local ShipMe office for available package delivery options.

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