• Express Shipping

    Operating our own dedicated freighter aircraft between the US and Jamaica, you can depend on ShipMe to get your packages to you faster, cheaper and more reliably than our competitors. Our flight schedule varies throughout the year depending on the number of packages that arrive at our US address; the more packages that arrive at our US address the more frequently we fly. Contact us for our current flight schedule and estimated transit times.

    With ShipMe you don’t have to worry about package size, number of pieces or weight. We will carry most things that can fit through our aircraft’s door. Contact us for a personalized quote.

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    Express Shipping
  • Comprehensive Tracking

    Once ShipMe takes possession of your package, you can begin tracking the progress of your package through our easy to use and intuitive system. You will know when your package arrives at our US address, when it departs the US, when it arrives in Jamaica, and when it is available for pickup. You can also access details about any packages that have already been delivered.  It’s that easy!

    Depending on the number of packages that arrive at our US address in a given day, it may take us some time to process and update your package status on ShipMe Online. Pre-alert your packages for faster processing!

    Comprehensive Tracking
  • Email Notifications

    You can depend on ShipMe to keep you updated on the progress of your package. Email messages are sent when your package arrives at key juncture points, such as when packages arrive at our US address or when packages are in transit to your destination counrty. When packages are ready for pickup you can expect email messages to be sent directly to you. This is just another way that ShipMe is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality service in the industry.

    Email Notifications
  • Secure Transactions

    ShipMe takes each package and every aspect of our business seriously.  We use the latest in technology, data storage, backups and independent privacy monitoring services to ensure that all transactions are secure and reliable.  All information, including passwords, credit card information, purchase history and other vital customer detail is encrypted and safe.  All data is backed up for additional security and to ensure your peace of mind.

    Secure Transactions
  • Mail Forwarding

    If you are looking for US mail forwarding services, then ShipMe has you covered. Mail will be delivered to ShipMe in your home country where you will then be alerted that your mail is ready for pickup. We eliminate the difficulties in receiving all types of US Mail internationally, including checks, statements, magazines, catalogues and journals.

    Don’t want your mail or worried about having to pay for junk mail? No problem! Only pay for the mail that you want to keep and we will dispose of the rest. Mail that appears to be junk mail (catalogues primarily) is shipped on our dedicated aircraft on a space available basis only. If we don’t operate dedicated flights to your home country then junk mail is disposed off at our US address. Click below for details:

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    Mail Forwarding
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