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ShipMe is an online shopping, package and mail forwarding service launched in December 2011 which is available to both individuals and businesses.

Once signed up for a free account you are given a shipping and mailing address in the United States, which you use as your shipping and mailing address when making online purchases to recieve your packages and mail. Packages and mail received at this address is then consolidated and shipped by air freight on our own aircraft or by a 3rd party all-cargo airline to your home country on a set schedule, where ShipMe provides customs clearance and delivery.

Your free account gives you access to ShipMe Online which allows you to manage your ShipMe Account, pre-alert shipments, track packages, view invoices, estimate your shipping cost and receive up-to-date package and service notifications via e-mail.

Let ShipMe deliver the joy of shopping online and get your purchases and mail from the US to you - Cheaper, faster and with a higher level of reliability.

ShipMe is a service of Exec Direct Aviation Services Ltd.

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