Shipping Rates

The following rates are valid from October 15th, 2013:

Mail Shipping Rates

Mail Rates

Package Shipping Rates

Package Rates

All prices are expressed in USD.

Processing Fees

Package Processing Fee:                   $ 1.50 per package
Package Processing Fee:                   $ 6.00 per package*

*Applied to packages which have an invoice value exceeding $ 50.00.

Customs Fees

Packages deemed by Customs as personal use, valued in excess of $ 50.00 (CIF) are subject to Customs Duty charges.**

**Packages deemed by Customs as Commercial Quantities or for Commercial Use are subject to Customs Duty charges regardless of package value.

NOTE: It is the Importer’s responsibility to familiarize his or herself with the most recent Customs Regulations as it relates to the policies, procedures, import requirements, duties and taxes that may be applicable to importing packages into Jamaica. Visit

Misc. Fees

Packages with bad shipping address:         $5.00.

TVs requiring Over-packing:                        $40.00.

Packages w/ Aerosols, Perfumes, etc.*      $2.50.

Packages w/ Lithium Batteries**:                $2.50.

* HazMat: Applies to aerosols e.g.spray paints, automotive cleaners, air fresheners, hair spray, lubricating oils, pesticides, sunscreen and insect repellants (e.g. UN1950). 

** HazMat: Applies to Lithium Ion or Metal Batteries as a standalone package or, packed with equipment or contained in equipment (e.g. UN3090, UN3091, UN3480, UN3481).

Packages weighing more than 70 lbs or having dimensions (length + width + height) exceeding 90” will attract an additional flat oversized handling fee of $10 per package.

Business and Corporate clients with large volume shipments call for quote.

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